Vedic astrology is the phrase we use in English to refer to what is called Jyotish in Sanskrit (the study of light, the lights in the sky and the lights in the soul). Jyotish is also the study of what allows a person to shine, what inspires them to fulfil their destiny on the earth plane – to fulfil their purpose in coming here and being born. It helps to focus the eye of the spirit on the path ahead. While it takes a great deal of commitment to learn, it is a path that opens the eye to understanding the relationship of all things in a synchronous universe. Whether the sign of Kadagam, Mithunam, Kanni, Thulam or any other, forecasting provides lifelong insight into your character and future path. You will let me assure you, find Tamil horoscope insights among the best there is.

One of the most accurate and consistent forms of astrology, Vedic jothidam is a natural cosmic science and is one of the most important gifts to the Indian culture. It helps people to face the future in a better way because it enables them to avoid misfortune and deal with any obstacles that are likely to obstruct their pathway to success. It gives people informed knowledge and is regularly used in the Indian culture. Rarely are big decisions made, in the most humble or grandest of homes, without consulting Vedic insight.

TDayita Rao Tamil Astrologyhe tools of Vedic jothidam, the metaphors and symbololgy, are definitely tested over time and these focus points mean Vedic astrology is particularly good for those who meditate or do yoga. Vedic analysis uses the sidereal zodiac in which the stars are considered to be the fixed background against which the motion of the planets is measured. In India, it is regarded as one of the most reliable indicators of future events and is used by various types of people in all walks of life, from businessmen to educators, from administrators to healers and from soldiers to parents. Regardless of your background, jothidam is for you.

Tamil Astrology and Me

My name is Dayita Rao. I was born in Poona, and lived there for most of my younger life. Later I moved to Sri Lanka where my interest in the Tamil jothidam aspect of astrology was awakened. When I moved between both India and Sri Lanka I received training in many aspects of Tamil astrology analysis. The early training, which I was privileged to receive, has enabled me to forecast future events with a greater degree of accuracy than most western astrologers because of the three main branches of Vedic astrology- Siddhanta(astronomy) Samhita (mundane astrology) and Hora (predictive astrology).

The Vedic system also takes into account the Ayanamsha- the gradual rotation of the Earth’s axis over thousands of years. Called the precession of the equinox, it is central to modern astronomy as well as to Vedic astrology. This means that the actual positions of the planets are constantly getting further behind their imaginary tropical placements.

Over a period of some 25,800 annual cycles (years), the axis of the Earth will move slightly. This is caused by gravitational forces of the Sun and Moon acting on the Earth’s equator. No astronomical body can appear in the exact same place more than once every 25.800 years, yet when western astrology calculates it’s charts, it fails to take this into account.

So you can see that ancient Vedic Astrology and its application in the Tamil form has some major advantages over Western methods. Throughout my life, I have remained convinced of this and it is why much of my life has been dedicated to achieving the wisdom to practice and learn Tamil, Hindi and Telugu astrology.

I, therefore, feel my interpretation of Tamil Jothidam horoscope charts covering 2016 and future years will perform well against the accuracy of forecasting from the western astrologer community. I also hope my studies will please those who read them.