Aquarius (Kumbam) Horoscope 2014

The lord of Aquarius is Uranus

Tamil horoscope forecasting implies a future pathway where you must expect the unexpected over your horizon. Tamil Kumbam is positively charged and shows a marvellous ability to adapt to almost any situation. In the 2014 workplace Aquarius will be under pressure to meet targets and to perform well. Aquarius could find himself very stressed. Aquarius may feel under a lot of scrutiny from senior people in high authority. A person born under this sign would be well advised to pace himself at work since his energy levels are in danger of running low. If he does what he is meant to do, he will do it well. He may have to learn a new skill set. He is intellectually well equipped to do this and will achieve excellent grades. He can not rest in the workplace in 2014 because new targets will be set.

Small pockets of cash will begin to accumulate in 2014 and Aquarius will have the urge to change his vehicle, which he can easily afford. He should not be afraid to spend the money for it will be plentiful. He dislikes borrowing and getting into debt. He will never intentionally overspend or live beyond his means. Finances will not be a problem in 2014 because of careful planning and wise investment.

Aquarius Kumbam will love and be loved back in 2014. He could easily find a true partner if he is single. He may look for experimentation that could be exciting in a relationship. He will take romance seriously and he may even get married and cement his existing relationship. The summer months are very favourable months for attraction and romance.

Later in the year he will be looking into spiritual matters quite seriously. He may research spirituality and use newly acquired computer skills. Friends and family will give their full support and life will be good. My Tamil Kumbam horoscope tells me you must give your romantic life strong attention in the coming year.

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