Capricorn (Magaram) Horoscope 2014

The influencing celestial object of Capricorn is Saturn

This year’s Tamil Magaram horoscope presentation advises a serious and strongly practical route through this existence. Capricorn is negatively charged and prone to reflection and introspection.  2014 is a very romantic period for Capricorn. It suggests there will be an ending and then a new beginning in relationships and Capricorn will choose his partner wisely this time. The late summer and early autumn months are the best times for romance to flourish. Men and women of this sign will not look back and he will not repeat the mistakes of the past. He has learnt his lessons. He will find an excellent partner, someone with whom he is spiritually, mentally and physically compatible with. This union will show all the signs of true love and it has enormous potential to grow and flourish. The new relationship is meant to last and could easily result in marriage. For those already married, there could be a renewal of vows and/or a deep realisation of the profundity of the existing union. Both will recognise the other as soul mates.

Tamil Capricorn will be lucky with assets during this period. There could be an unexpedted financial gain and he will use this fiscal bonus wisely. Fortune will favour his financial decisions. He will make wise investments and informed decisions about the best ways to use his finances. He will be sensible with money but more ready to spend and lavish gifts on his loved ones.

In the workplace he will continue to impress and make his presence known. He must watch out for jealousies and for someone who might try to undermine him.

His biggest challenge will be relaxation according to Tamil readings for this cycle. people born under this sign will find it very hard to switch off from work. Minor ailments are most likely due to stress, particularly headaches and/or digestive disorders. His skin may be sensitive, but overall he will keep good health and be happy and content. At the end of the cycle, the Tamil Magaram  may reflect upon his good fortune in both love and finances.

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