Libra (Thulam) Horoscope 2014

The Planetoid partner of  Libra is Venus

This cycle’s Tamil Thulam horoscope shows a sensual and courteous path through life. This horoscope sign is positively charged and will want to maintain moderation and balance in their presentation and activities. The workplace will be very busy for Libra in 2014. He will be mentally challenged and will have to work very hard to achieve his individual and professional goals. He will do this, of course, but this year, his focus on work will be very intense because his personal affairs will contain many catastrophes. When the monetary rewards come, they will be generous, well-earned and thoroughly deserved. Libra may also find himself in the spotlight for achievement and could even gain a promotion.

Libra may adopt measures of austerity where cash in concerned in coming months. He needs to. He has been over-spending for too long and must curtail this to avoid disaster. People of this horoscope symbol will be well-disciplined with money and finances are set to improve in the second part of 2014. He will begin to see positive returns from investments and all will be well. Finances are set to improve from this year onwards.

Astrology indications from this cycle’s Tamil Thulam horoscope suggests that Love life and personal situation will be very traumatic and deeply upsetting for Libra. There could be affairs, breakups and even divorces. Libra will try to keep the peace, to restore the balance,  to create harmony, but this year, he will need to go with the flow and accept that his destiny is to love again. In order for this to happen, the old must be cleared away for the new to survive.

Single Libra could easily meet their soul mate this Thulam Tamil horoscope period. The meeting will be like a thunderbolt and will strike as suddenly and as powerfully as one. This person will be deeply smitten and all balance and harmony on the home front completely overthrown, until the highest aspirations of Libra can be met. This will be a match made in Libra heaven. Take note of my Tamil Thulam horoscope and it’s astrological indications. Focus on financial austerity and emotional matters particularly.

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