Scorpio (Virushigam) Horoscope 2014

The lord of  Scorpio is Mars

My Tamil horoscope Virushigam study indicates a courageous, bold pathway though this life. Scorpio is a negatively charged sign, strongly given to introspection and soul-searching. Scorpio will be highly creative in 2014, but he will need all his determination and perseverance in the workplace because he faces a highly pressurised environment. He will be working long hours. He may suffer sleepless nights. There will be lots of problems for him to solve and difficult clients to deal with. Scorpio virushigam will do exceptionally well in difficult complex situations. His efforts will be well rewarded in the second half of the year.

He will have to watch his finances in the first half of the year according to the coming cycle’s astrology horoscope. He should not waste money nor spend it on extravagances which he can ill afford. He will feel restrictions in his spending power, but this is not permanent. In the latter part of 2014, money will be plentiful and he will receive substantial rewards. He will be in a generous mood and want to share this assets with family and friends. He has the intuition to make a wise financial investment this year, one that will pay dividends in future years. He may invest in property or toy with the idea of becoming a landlord. This period’s Tamil horoscope interpretations suggest this is an area in which care must be exercised.

In love, my Scorpio Tamil readings suggest he will be happy and settled. He may move to a new home or explore a new area before making the final decision to set up home in a new neighbourhood. Certainly, he will want to take his partner to exotic holiday destinations in 2014 to enjoy time together and indulge in highly sexual fantasies.

His relationships with his family and friends are excellent. Past wrongs will all have been forgiven and forgotten. Youngsters will feel drawn towards his magnetic personality and he will be great company and good fun. He must watch out for minor circulatory problems, otherwise his health is good. The Tamil horoscope virushigam  indicators for the coming year are good but care must be exercised over finances.

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