Taurus (Rishabam) Horoscope 2014

The lord of  Taurus is Venus.

The 2014 Tamil horoscope study for Rishabam reveals that Taurus sensuality is strong and influenced by Venus. Taurus is a negative charge sign, particularly known for inner reflection.

In 2014 Taurus can expect a tough year in the workplace. He will be under a lot of pressure to perform and there are indications that he could easily turn his back on his existing job and start another one. This will happen later in the cycle. In the meantime there are big projects ahead. and, if he does embrace them, he will be rewarded very well financially.

It’s important that Money is spent wisely during 2014 as indicated by my Tamil astrology horoscope analysis. While the year moves on it will become more available, it’s necessary early on to be  wise and not overspend or indulge in too much purchasing. This will be tricky for Taurus since he is easily attracted by the luxuries in life and craves lots of high quality material things around him.

There are indications that a long-term relationship will come to an end and Taurus will be the one to turn away his square shoulders and not look back. It is the right decision but Rishabam man or woman will take some time to reflect. He may even be drawn into spirituality as a result of it. However he will come out of his inward-looking and find fun, laughter and happiness with a soul mate that will appear in his life once the old relationship has ended. It is a new phase for Taurus and it will lift and lighten his mood. He will be entertaining, funny and extremely good company.

This sign must watch his tendency to overeat and use food as a source of comfort. He may put on weight around his middle which will be very difficult to lose. His metabolism may slower than normal this year and his throat will be sensitive. He should keep drinking lots of water.  The Tamil Horoscope for this period shows that people of Rishabam should take care of this aspect especially.

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