Tamil Dhanusu 2017 Horoscope

Dhanusu Rasi 2017

Dhanusu 2017, The lord of Sagittarius is Jupiter which shows a hopeful and inspired course through life. Sagittarius is a positively charged sign and has a natural spiritual mentality.

Dhanusu 2017 horoscopeThis could be a stressful year for Dhanusu since work is likely to be the main focus of his attention. This means friends and family will have to fit in where they can and that may not be a very pleasing situation. It will be vital that he keeps fit, both mentally and physically to cope with the demands made upon him in 2017.With all the work challenges will come lots of opportunities and he will thrive in a competitive environment where he will reap many rewards and successes.

At home, there could be changes also. This sign may sell up and relocate if a new job demands it. I foresee extensions to new homes and the need for greater family accommodation. Young people may be a source of great worry and stress in the moving process.

Sagittarius partnerships should be happy and fun with lots of passion and excitement. A new baby could arrive this year. If Dhanusu is single he may end up hurting others who could take his flirting far too seriously. He should think carefully before he gives others the wrong impression. This is not a good year to begin a serious relationship although there is a genuine love waiting for him and he may be unaware of it.He should not turn to a past love for solace. This would only end in tears.

For Dhanusu 2017 man, the year will be the beginning of a new phase of his life. He could need time out to think and time to decide what he really wants from life. He should also give thought to the direction of his life.

Work will be a big preoccupation for Dhanusu and he will rise to the occasion. H will be filled with self- confidence to meet all challenges head on. There will be much success and optimism in the workplace. Blessed with a bright and optimistic character he will excel and be highly commended by seniors. For those Scorpio characters who are bosses themselves, I would suggest that you try to be fair and just in your judgements of others. This will increase your own popularity. Being too outspoken might spell trouble for Dhanus if his tongue is unleashed without sufficient thought and care for the words he chooses.

Dhanusu will be paid well this year but he will need to look after his money, otherwise he could lose the lot through his own carelessness and folly. There may be big expenses to do with the home. He must be sure to get a good team of builders if he is thinking of major refurbishment.

He may be attracted to spend his money on himself and things that interest him and give him pleasure. He could pay for courses, history trips or an archaeological dig. He should gain much pleasure from these distractions.

Although Dhanusu 2017 man will favour physical exercise this year,  he is in danger of pushing himself too hard and sustaining injuries. He should keep in good shape providing he is sensible. If he is attracted to new diets, he may find it hard to keep them up. Getting enough sleep and relaxation could be his main problem as well as over-indulging in pleasures he knows are not good for him.

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