Tamil Kadagam 2017 Horoscope

Kadaga Rasi Palan 2017

Kadaga 2017, The lord of Cancer is the Moon which shows a peaceful, gentle nature, but people prone to moodiness and passive aggressiveness. Horoscope Cancer is negatively charged.

kadagam 2017 horoscopeThis will be a year full of changes and opportunities for Kadagam. It is time to get rid of the old and bring in the new. Mood swings will be brighter and not so dark and depressing. He will be very motivated to succeed and do well. Work is likely to fire off at a tremendous pace. Some people in Cancer’s closest circle may bring disappointment and let them down. There could be partings and break-ups.

For those who are in love, 2017 will bring much happiness and success. This will be a very social year and Kadagam is likely to mix with lots of people who have similar interests. He will enjoy the social interaction. There could be many visits to new and interesting places. Kadagam is likely to find a true and genuine love this year though there could be some setbacks along the way.

If he is married, Tamil Cancer will be very passionate and loving, according to Tamil horoscope indicators. He could visit romantic destinations with his loved one. There could be a new baby. It is a very good year for pregnancy. There will be much pleasure and emotions will run very deep. Kadagam 2017 man or woman is more confident than usual this year and he doesn’t feel so insecure or consumed with self-doubt.

Work will expand and be busy, all- consuming and pressured. There could be travel associated with business meetings. I do foresee work connections with overseas. Seniors will notice Kadagam because he is hard-working, capable, efficient and he gets on with the job. There could be big rewards and honours in the workplace. If Cancer feels work is overwhelming he may need to take a step back. He must watch for an over-high level of stress and nervous tension.

Cancer is likely to have a very healthy bank balance in 2017. There will be plenty of money flowing in and he may find new ways to double returns. He will enjoy the good life, dine at the best restaurants, buy expensive jewellery as well as other luxury items and be the envy of many. If he buys any valuables this year they will all increase in value.it is an ideal year for accumulating wealth.

Tamil horoscope insight reveals that Cancer could make some excellent investments this year. If he operates in a joint partnership he will earn very rich rewards. There is great potential in long-term investments and he may be attracted to increasing his wealth in this way. This sign will make big donations to charities and spend freely on family and loved ones.

He may need to take more physical exercise this year. His mind will be engaged but his body may not be so healthy. He needs to reduce his stress, eat a good nutritious and balanced diet, relax and take time out of work if things are too pressured. If sleep patterns are too erratic I would recommend Yoga or meditation.

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