Tamil Viruchigam 2017 Horoscope

Viruchigam Rasi Palan

Viruchigam 2017, The lord of Scorpio is Mars which shows a bold and courageous path through life. Scorpio is negatively charged and given to introspection and soul-searching.

viruchigam 2017 horoscopeThis is likely to be a year of unsettlement and ups and down for Viruchigam.He could experience lots of changes on the domestic front where grown up children either move back into the family home or out of it for good. He will relish much-needed rest and quiet times. If he has a young family there are likely to be many unforeseen expenses to cover and he will feel obligated to meet all financial burdens himself even if this means he is under tremendous strain.

Friends and family should be very comforting, supportive and understanding during these trying times. Viruchigam will feel extremely blessed and fortunate that he is so much appreciated and loved. He will benefit greatly from time spent with his family, on family outings and during family celebrations.

If Scorpio is in love, 2017 should be a very passionate year thought the channels of communication need to be fully open in all partnerships. Couples must talk honestly and frankly to one another otherwise, there may be tensions and unsettlement caused by misunderstandings. If he harbours jealous thoughts he should try to kerb this passion. Jealousy is a self-destructive emotion and can only lead to tears. Jealousy and possessiveness could be his downfall if he isn’t careful.

For those who are unattached, there will be many opportunities to find love and sexual fulfilment. I foresee many social events. A new partner is waiting to make this sign happy. He is likely to recognise them at once and be drawn towards the sexual magnetism instantly.

In work, he will face long hours and heavy demands. There could also be financial pressures and burdens to weigh him down. His loyalty and dedication to work will be rewarded handsomely. There will be promotion, though Scorpio may have to negotiate with seniors about the size of his pay packet. Providing he is realistic in his expectations all should be satisfactory.

Viruchigam 2017 man must be careful with his health this year so that he doesn’t overdo things and crack up. He should not succumb to too much stress. Many sleepless nights will take their toll if he fails to achieve a good work/life balance. Deep down he knows his limits and he should stick to them.

Scorpio will have to be careful with his money management and try to budget for unforeseen expenses. He should avoid maxing out on credit cards and be disciplined about paying bills regularly and on time. I recommend having two bank accounts, one for bills and essentials, the other for spending and saving. In this way, Viruchigam 2017 man should practise better money management.

Health will be good and he will be in strong physical and mental shape. Taking time out to follow gentle exercise regimes would be beneficial. A really healthy diet is essential if trying to lose weight. Avoid alcohol at all costs.

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