Tamil Kanni Rasi 2017 Horoscope

Kanni Rasi Palan

Kanni Rasi 2017, Lord of Virgo is Mercury which shows an intellectual and curious path. Virgo is negatively charged and given to reflection, shyness and introspection.

 Kanni 2017 horoscopeKanni Virgo is likely to focus on family troubles and domestic issues this year. There could be more of them than usual.  The pace of change might feel slow and drawn out as a result of complex circumstances. There could be some immediate rather worrying domestic issues to contend with and relationships within the close family circle of Kanni may be strained. He could easily find himself in a more supportive role. Others will look to him for advice and guidance. An elderly relative could be the source of particular worry and concern.

On a brighter note, this sign will make many new friends and step out of his comfort zone in 2017. There will be few dull moments and he will be very focused. If he is single, he could find love through an existing friendship. He should be open to all new friendships since good things will come to him through the new people he meets and the new places he visits.

Those who are married may face some unsettlement in living arrangements. There could be a new baby or an elderly relative to take care of. He may move to a new home or extend his current one. Certainly, there will be some change around. All is possible and, in most cases, probable. Married relationships will grow and bonds will become very strong in the face of adversity. Virgo could make life-changing decisions this year which will affect everyone in the immediate family circle.

He might feel the need to clean his home thoroughly, de-cluttering it and making space for new things. This is extremely healthy and symbolic of a new phase in his life.

Work will be very busy and there will be lots of opportunities to make new contacts through social networking. This person always works very hard and 2017 will be no different. He may consider working from home to fit in with family but this might not turn out as well as he expects. Kanya could start a new and very successful business this year which will give him much motivation and hope for the future.

Finances will be very stable because he might take on more than one job my horoscope shows. Those who are in a full-time study are likely to be lucky getting part-time employment which will bring in additional income to make ends meet. Towards the end of the year, there may be opportunities to save more money. Kanni is naturally thrifty and creative when handling money.

This sign is likely to have high energy levels this year and he will find new and better ways to cope with stress. He may need to rest more both physically and mentally since this won’t be an easy year for him. He is very health-conscious anyway and he is likely to experiment with new therapies which fine tune body and soul. I recommend plenty of sleep with moderate exercise and regular nutritious meals for Kanni.

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