Tamil Kumbam 2017 Horoscope

Kumbam Rasi Palan

Kumbam 2017, The lord of Aquarius is Uranus whose pathway indicates he must expect the unexpected in his life-path. Kumbam is positively charged in Tamil astrology and shows a marvellous ability to adapt to almost any situation.

 kumbam 2017 tamil astrology horoscope signKumbam will be in a serious and contemplative mood this year. He will be looking inwardly at himself and reflecting on his life. His friends and family will notice he is not so optimistic and not so talkative. Aquarius could be faced with many choices this year. He will be looking to the future and planning to make secure provisions for his loved ones. Tamil Aquarius should know that he is not alone and that he has good trustworthy friends around him who can help him make decisions. His own natural instincts and intelligence will also help to guide him in the right direction on his life-path.

Kumbam has many people around him who are important to him, both and family and friends alike. He cares about them in equal measure. As 2017 moves on, Aquarius will partake in many social events and be invited to many social occasions. He will enjoy all social interaction and discussion. Aquarius has great humanitarian interests and passions.

Tamil horoscope study tells us that Kumbam 2017 man or woman will feel very protective towards their life-partner and family and he or she will want to make secure provision for the future through money and material belongings. He will feel very close to his loved ones and it will be a happy and blessed time. If single, this sign will look for a more lasting relationship this year. There will be lots of choices. He may consider marriage and settle down. He will be full of hopes for the future. There will be much pleasure and shared enjoyment and he will find it easy to meet new people. An existing friendship could easily develop into a very romantic and special relationship.

This zodiac sign will be working hard and he will be motivated to earn more wealth. Naturally creative and inventive, this sign will get himself noticed by those in high office. He must try not to manipulate others to his own ends. He doesn’t need to. His career and personal development are especially well aspected this year.

He will need to watch his finances. He will want to save more than he spends in 2017.If he tries out some new money-making opportunities he could be pleasantly surprised. He will budget well and save well since he has real motivation and purpose.

Kumbam 2017 man may feel he has less energy this year. His vitality is good but he may get tired more quickly and more easily. He should rest and relax more, rather than pushing himself forwards all the time. Doing simple regular exercises will help keep him in shape though he needs to be careful of over doing things and sustaining small injuries. There could be a weakness in the spinal column, my horoscope chart analysis suggests.

I recommend that he considers a vegetarian diet and avoids all processed foods. He needs to watch his weight and take in less sugary snacks.

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