Tamil Magaram 2017 Horoscope

Magaram Rasi Palan

Magaram 2017, the Lord of Capricorn is Saturn which shows a practical and serious path through life. Horoscope Capricorn is negatively charged and prone to reflection and introspection.

Magaram 2017 horoscopeMagaram is likely to be extremely ambitious this year and he will be very preoccupied with money and career progression. He may think he does not have much time for family affairs, which is a foolish course of action since he could fall ill due to exhaustion unless he takes time out from his punishing work schedule.

His love life could be tetchy and he may be overly critical of his life-partner. He should learn more patience, tolerance and good humour. He may not worry too much about finding a new relationship if he is single. His focus is elsewhere and he could intentionally choose not to have a relationship distraction. It is doubtful that Magaram will be thinking of starting a family and having children this year though this may come as  hugely disappointing news to his partner.

He could have some personal issues he has to sort through if he is going to attract a new relationship in the future. His serious outlook might be just too off-putting. He should take a long hard look at himself to work out what he really wants from the next phase of  his life.

If Capricorn dwells on the depressing subject matter too much he may need to lighten up and find people who can brighten his mindset and chase away his gloomy thoughts. This would benefit him enormously and gain him more friends.

Work may cause him to be nervous and ill-at-ease with his current position in 2017. As the year progresses, He should find others will listen to his creative ideas and put them into practice. If Magaram is shy, he should try to overcome this since he will impress his bosses with what he has to say, and by his dedication to the job in hand. I do foresee that worry about work will continue to plague this sign if he doesn’t learn to lighten up and share the load with good friends and supportive family.

Tamil horoscope study for Magaram 2017 shows this man or woman will want to learn to save for the future and he will make huge efforts this year to become a regular saver. Financial security is likely to be his other preoccupation and he may have some unforeseen family expenses towards the end of the year which could unnerve him.

His health will be a mixed bag according to his horoscope. He will be energetic and full of life one minute, then lethargic and down in the dumps the next. This is due to a  complete lack of work/life balance. I recommend moderate exercise, sensible diet and time to unwind and relax.

There could be unwanted weight gain from sitting around too much at work. He may feel the need for sugary food, but what he really needs is to eat more fruit and vegetables and not foods with refined sugars. His sleep pattern is likely to be irregular and his skin may erupt in spots. These are tell-tale signs of someone who is overworked. He should adopt a special cleansing regime to treat these acne breakouts.

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