Tamil Meenam 2017 Horoscope

Meenam Rasi Palan - 2017 Tamil Analysis

Meenam 2017, The lord of Pisces is Jupiter which shows a hopeful and inspired course through life. Meenam is negatively charged and given to reflection and the internal process.

 Meenam 2017 tamil horoscope2017 will be a year when Meenam must think carefully before he speaks and acts. There will be lots of changes and choices to make. In the domestic life of Meenam, there could be some upheaval and unsettlement. Those who have children will find them very supportive. They will speak wisely, even though they are young in years. If he is wise, Pisces will have an eye for the future and act responsibly at all times.

It is going to be an action-packed year and this zodiac sign will be very busy according to Tamil astrology portents. There will be many social events and occasions. Friends and family could feel a bit neglected unless Pisces make sure he spends time with them. Pisces will attract many new friends and acquaintances this year and will be very popular, especially in the spring and summer months.

The love life could be changeable and complex. There could be a break-up but this is not necessarily the case. These men and women could feel very emotional this year. He may feel his partner doesn’t fully understand him or meet his needs.  This person may decide to stimulate a long-term relationship and inject new life into it. Communication and honesty are the solutions. Those who want babies this year could conceive.

For those who are single, life will be good. There will be lots of fun and excitement. Life will not stand still. These people are not likely to find a lasting love this year, but he will enjoy meeting lots of new people. He will be very attractive to both sexes and will enjoy the mixed company.

In work, Meenam 2017 man or woman will find his/her career is very promising. His creative and imaginative ideas are likely to find favour with bosses. Pisces could be singled out for promotion and this will make him more motivated and keen to work harder. Bosses will like his optimism and engaging personality. There will be more money and Pisces could be offered some training opportunities which he would be wise to take. Travel is likely through work. They will enjoy many short trips away this year. He could meet new people who will become friends.

He may struggle with finances this year. Cash flow could be a problem. There may be too many temptations to splash out money on things you don’t really need. This could mean a struggle to make ends meet and pay the bills. Pisces may need to learn how to budget more carefully and begin to save for the future. Lessons on money management would be a very good idea. Avoid taking out too many credit cards.

Tamil astrology zodiac study shows that this sign will have lots of energy and vitality in 2017. If they are stressed, I recommend music therapy. For those who have irregular bowels, eat small nutritious meals and take regular exercise. Drink plenty of water. Make sure you take enough calcium for your bones. There could be some skeletal weakness.

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