Tamil Mithunum 2017 Horoscope

Mithunum Rasi Palan

Mithunum 2017, Lord of Gemini is Mercury which shows an enquiring intellectual pathway. Gemini is positively charged, given to action and travel.

 Mithunum 2017 Horoscope TamilFor Mithunum 2017 is likely to be very steady uncomplicated year without any serious conflicts in his family circles. Mithunum may have more time on his hands than usual since he may choose to live life at a slower pace. His mind always works overtime and his thoughts could turn to the home front, whether remodelling the home, changing its layout, its design, its colour scheme or even moving home and buying a new house.

Those who want a baby could easily conceive one this year or there may be news of a birth. Mental energies will be high and Gemini will have time to focus on the things he enjoys the most in life. He will gain lots of pleasure from this freedom. He could meet new people this year who are destined to become very good and lasting friends.

If Mithunum is looking for love, he could find his soulmate in 2017, though he may need to step out of his comfort zone to do it. There could be an instant attraction to someone, out of the blue, and the friendship and love relationship that follow will blossom in the summer months. Gemini may experience high levels of nervous energy in this love relationship. He will feel extraordinarily happy and fulfilled since his soul mate will be on his wavelength and stimulate him both physically and mentally.

For those who are married, 2017 is likely to be a happy year. For once Mithunum 2017 man or woman will not be financially embarrassed and he will relax and enjoy the company of others. Although endings are possible this year, they are not likely. If he does split up with his mate, the parting will be amicable and the best for both. In the longer term all will be well and neither will hold a grudge or be difficult.

Gemini is likely to be successful in work which will come from his own hands this year. Others will seek him out for his expertise, experience and ability to solve  difficult problems. His application, knowledge, dedication and initiative will get him noticed. He may opt to do more study and training. Gemini seeks mental stimulus at all times and loves to learn. Any travel connected to his work will be to his advantage. Opportunities to excel in self-employment are abundant this year.

There will be very careful planning of finances and for once income will be stable. Gemini will not gamble with his capital. He will invest wisely and sensibly, taking notice of detailed  advice from professionals. He could be interested in longer-term investments that are forecast to pay predictable dividends in future years.

This sign will need to keep up their fitness levels this year. If he is preoccupied with losing weight he will need to avoid faddy diets. If he tries to fast too much or reduce his calorie intake too drastically he will suffer from bad humour and irritability. Keeping a positive mind with support from friends and partners will work wonders for Gemini as well as following a sensible diet and exercise routine.

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