Tamil Thulaam 2017 Horoscope

Thulaam Rasi Palan

Thulaam 2017, The lord of Libra is Venus which shows a sensual and courteous path through life. Libra is positively charged and will want to maintain moderation and balance in his presentation and activities.

 Thulaam 2017 horoscopeThulaam  could face many happy surprises in 2017. Many favourable things are predicted to happen and these people will thoroughly enjoy life. Thulaam is  so greatly blessed with intelligence and charm that he will always achieve a good balance in life no matter what adverse conditions he may have to face.

Libra could find he is so busy in 2017 he may struggle to spend time with his family and friends. He may have to work long hours. The upside of this is that he will attract many new friends and will be much admired. He is likely to make life-long friends through social contacts. Young people could seek him out as the fount of all knowledge. He is likely to be consulted by others for his clarity of thought, depth of his wisdom and his down-to-earth common sense advice.

2017 is the year for Horoscope Libra to learn new things, make important business decisions and work things out logically without being confused or distracted by clouds of emotions. This year he will be level-headed and wise.

If Thulaam 2017 person is single, he should find true love. He will most easily attract potential mates in the spring and summer months. If he is suffering heartbreak, 2017 is a very good year to move on and make a new start. He should be watchful and ready to start afresh this year. If he is married, he should find the partnership will benefit from trying out new experiences together. It is an excellent year to conceive a baby.

Work is going to keep him really busy and focused in 2017. He will enjoy learning new skills to keep pace with rapid changes and developments. Work could present real challenges but Horoscope Libra is well equipped to make excellent choices and thoughtful decisions. He will be very unlikely to act in haste and repent at leisure.

I do foresee people listening intently to Thulaam in the workplace, in conferences and important meetings as he makes presentations, conveys his own ideas and uses words imaginatively to persuade and captivate the audience. Certainly, he will be noticed by bosses and there could be real rewards and advancement.

He should keep a careful watch over his finances and avoid spending money on things he doesn’t really need his horoscope shows. The main focus of spending should be on paying the bills and meeting all financial commitments. Food on the table is more vital than a pleasing piece of artwork or a desirable piece of furniture.If money is scarce this sign could easily make a second income through one of his hobbies or interests. As a compelling and entertaining speaker, he is more than capable of raising some extra cash.

His personal well-being will be paramount and he will take care that he looks after himself, getting sufficient sleep, eating sensibly and adopting a moderate exercise regime. If he needs to soothe his soul I recommend Yoga, meditation and/or mindfulness. He has natural psychic powers which he may or may not choose to develop this year.

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