Kumba (Aquarius) Summary 2018

Tamil Kumba 2018 Aquarius will be very happy in his home life this year with the support and understanding of family and friends around him. This promises to be a period of new beginnings and there could be a new baby. There may be some minor quarrels within the family group but this individual will be able to sort things out with his gentle patience and wry sense of humour. There will not be many sad faces for long

Kumbam graphic symbol

Although this sign makes new friends easily, this year he will rely more heavily on old friends who have won his trust. If he shows sensitivity as well as emotions towards people he will gain great respect and trust back. The key to keeping harmony in relationships will be through the practice of giving and taking compromise and avoiding getting drawn into minor disagreements.


He may feel the need to share his own personal and intimate desires with his partner. He will be softer and less analytical in his approach. There will be a lot of sensitivity and warmth coming back to him. My horoscope reading suggests this will be a very harmonious 12 months in domestic affairs as well as affairs of the heart. If relationships have become a bit boring and lack spontaneity this period could bring a real uplift with it.It is an excellent time to plan a family.

The single Kumba could meet a soul-mate this year if he can hide his cynical and manipulative side. His sense of humour and sparkle in the eyes will attract a new partner. He will also instantly know those who are likely to match his intellectual level. There could be an unexpected surprise in romantic relationships this year.

Professional Outlook

In his career, he will enjoy opportunities to travel. There may be some struggles and challenges ahead, however. Keeping people happy will be the biggest challenge. Through cultivating customers and keeping relationships sweet this will be the best way forward. There could still be some very difficult folk to deal with. This zodiac sign should beware of people who try to play games and stay well clear of them.


2018 is a lucky time for wealth and Aquarius will experience much freedom in being able to spend some of his spare cash. There is likely to be much pleasure and enjoyment from material things but he should still be careful not to overspend or spend on impulse. In 2019 these men and women may look again at their financial affairs and the picture could be very different.


Energy levels will be high according to my Tamil Kumbha horoscope analysis and he will feel very healthy and fit. He should avoid fatty foods and drink peppermint tea to ease stomach cramps. He will need mental exercise as well as physical exercise if he is to maintain his sense of well-being. He must ensure his creative spirit is nourished and stimulated as well to keep good mental balance.

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