Makara 2018 Horoscope Interpretation And Analysis

Makara Rasi Palan

Makara will face a thought-provoking and interesting year ahead in astrological 2018. It will be remarkable in many ways, offering many opportunities. The overall feeling is positive with much joy, optimism, brightness and happiness for this sign. There is much to look forward to.

Makaram zodiac symbol

There are likely to be rich rewards within the family group and relationships will be welcoming, warm and productive.  There could be a reconciliation and a reunion and my horoscope readings suggest that harmony will prevail in all family relationships this year.  Makara is likely to feel much support and love. This year will allow Capricorn to follow his deepest longings while still maintaining positive relationships at home.

Loving Opportunity

In love, Makara is likely to do much soul-searching. Long-term relationships could end if Makara feels things are not working out. He is unlikely to make any rash decisions.   For those who committed, the relationship will move to the next level and there could be news of a pregnancy.

For the single, new relationships will need to be approached on a down-to-earth level as well as a sexual level and things should work out very well. However, this zodiac sign likes his privacy and should want to keep some things hidden and secret from his partner no matter how intimate he becomes

Professional Prospects

People born under this sign are likely to be extremely busy although they may have more freedom to be creative and indulge their passions through their careers. As the year moves forwards and towards the middle of the year these men and women could find life trickier and need the help of others to meet expectations and targets. They are likely to learn that with others helping, they can achieve much.

There could be an opportunity for a different job in a different location towards the end of the year. This may take him by surprise but this is likely to be a promotion with an attractive pay rise that could be hard to resist. Makara may need time to think about the offer but is likely to accept it since it will be a rise in status as well as pay. The family will be extremely proud of his achievements over these 12 months.

Monetary Outlook

Finances will need some thought this astrology period. Makara may need to budget more carefully and avoid impulsive spending. It is a good year for investments though money may also be set aside for travel.

Health For This Sign

This sign will be well equipped to meet all his challenges with high energy levels although he might well need to avoid eating too large quantities of processed food. There could be struggles with diet, eating healthy options and avoiding junk foods.

There could also be stresses and strains in work which could prove mentally exhausting and Capricorn may need to make more of an effort to maintain a healthy balance between his work and leisure time. Team sports are likely to interest him this year and he will be keen to keep fit.

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