Mithuna (Gemini) Tamil Insight 2018

Mithuna Rasi Palan

For Mithuna, 2018 is likely to give him higher energy levels than usual as well as big changes in many areas of his life. There will be many new and exciting opportunities as well as time to pursue passions and hobbies which Mithuna will enjoy immensely. He will have more free time than he is used to which will please him immesnsely.

Mithuna zodiac symbol imageThere are likely to be some disagreements in domestic situations but this person will be very skilled in sorting through family difficulties and resolving disputes. He will speak real wisdom to people who seek him out and others should listen. Although he may lack patience with younger members in the family group, he will not be unkind and they would do well to learn that if they take his advice he will be more tolerant of their mistakes.

Romantic Interludes

It is an exciting 12 months ahead for love and both men and women will enjoy heightened sexual passions as well as intelligent conversations with loved ones. If you are married, this year will bring you closer together and you will feel more compatible on a day-to-day basis. It is destined to be a happy time with many shared pleasures.

For those who are single, this could be the time when you will meet someone on your wavelength. These people must be sure to finish any old relationship before starting a new one. There could be complications with pregnancy and other marital issues if they don't. The best place for meeting other singles will be through taking up new hobbies that really interest these individuals.

Mithuna Rasi PalanĀ 2018 shows this sign will be in a really good place this year which will enable him or her to start afresh in many areas of life.

Job Matters

This is likely to be a very beneficial period at work where workers of this sign will earn much respect and get things done in record time. Others will admire his dedication and focus. He will become a real force to be reckoned with.

It is an excellent year for setting new targets. It is also a lucky 12-month spell for those who are prepared to push the boundaries and open up new horizons for themselves. Earnings could be very high this year. There will be many material rewards and new possessions for those who work hard.

Men and women should beware of work colleagues who could be jealous of achievements and may try to undermine them.

Financial Management

In his financial affairs, this zodiac sign will manage his savings well. It is a good opportunity for paying off all existing debts and for buying a few luxury items which will give him much pleasure.

There is likely to be an increase in cash flow in the middle months of the year. Gemini-born would be wise to stay away from mad cap deals and crazy monetary advice even though he may find them intellectually stimulating and interesting.

Fitness Outlook

2018 is a positive spell for Mithunam health, both physical and mental. He should be careful not to do much strenuous exercise. If he experiments with some new sporting activities he should look for team sports which will help him maintain a strong physicality as well as a stable mental capacity.

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