Software For Tamil Astrology

I'm often asked about Astrology Software and what my views are regarding its reliability.  My personal opinion is that while I do indeed use Astronomy software, Astrology Software is quite another prospect.  Good Astrology readings are a fusion of Astronomy data and the analysis and interpretation of an experienced, trained astrologer. As such I don't subscribe to Astrology software, Tamil or otherwise.

That's my view. However, in answer to the questions I am asked, I have written this short piece on software I or my close colleagues are familiar with that serves the Vedic / Tamil Communities.

Astrology studies the 12 signs of the Zodiac and twenty-seven stars. These signs might be interpreted for each individual as a way to understand their personalities, destinies, and perhaps even the best partner for them to marry. This is an ancient North Indian science, and interpreting it correctly can take years of teaching and study.

It is important to note that nobody is born with one particular destiny, just because they were born at a particular time. They may be born with certain traits, but the study of this science can actually help them understand both their good and bad traits. In a way, studying Tamil Astrology might actually help people change their destiny by getting a sense for the good and the bad parts of their character. With this knowledge, people can work on improving these strengths and balancing out their weaknesses.

Does Tamil Astrology Software Really Work?

Astrologers usually study the art and the science of their craft for years. They may get guidance from experienced teachers and read a lot of ancient and modern books on the subject. Not only do they learn the science of this craft, but they also develop the skills to turn it into an art. That said, good Tamil astrologers take their business very seriously because they know what they say or write can serious affect people who come to them for guidance.

With that in mind, does Tamil astrology software really work? Can a computer program or Internet script take the place of a skilled practitioner? It might be fun and entertaining to use this quick and simple software in order to get a prediction, but this probably should not be regarded as seriously as actual advice from an astrology professional.


You can download free software here. It claims to be able to generate your birth horoscope, in both North and South Indian styles. You can even choose to have your report delivered in Tamil or English. This is fun and convenient.

But in the end, you will fill out several form fields. This should only take a couple of minutes. In the end, you only get a very short summary. Also, casual users have no real way to know what this summary is based upon. At best, it may just be based upon some of the most general information that is found in a basic reference book.

General Sign Guides

You can also find general descriptions of your sign online. For example, if you are born under the sign of Aquarius, you might click through to find out more about that sign. It does not ask you were you were born, your exact date and time of birth, or anything like that.

In return for your attention, you get the briefest summary of some general personality traits. There is a brief sentence about general character traits. You might also get some information about the god of the sign.

It is impossible to believe that these would apply to every single person born under that sign, no matter what time of day they were born, which year, or where! This is too simple to be helpful, and it is probably even misleading and dangerous.

My Kundali

this is another simple example of a form that asks for basic information and offers to provide a horoscope guide. Mostly it seems as if this form is simply a way for the site to attract visitors to its advertisements and other services. These may or may not be legitimate, and not all of them are even related to astrology at all.

How Can You Get An Authentic Reading?

By now, you might think that the answer to the question of does Tamil astrology software really work is no! Some if the developers of these scripts might have tried to get them to work, but knew more about computers than Tamil Astrology. Others did not even concern themselves with the science and art of astrology, but simply wanted a way to draw visitors to their pages so they could make money from advertising.

In any case, it is hard to know until you try them out. But testing a lot of different astrology software can be time-consuming and tedious. In the worst cases, it could even be dangerous. You could be tempted to base important decisions in your life upon a fraud. You should only regard this computer-generated information as having the mildest authority.

If you cannot download free Tamil astrology software, or simply use the Internet for your reading, where can you can turn for a true reading? Now you may be back to considering the services of a professional astrologer. You need to find a credible astrologer who studies the art and science of his craft. In addition, he or she  must be a person who puts their client's welfare first. This knowledge could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

You might search for experienced, ethical, and professional Tamil astrologers by asking friends, using the Internet, or looking in professional directories. Every credible astrologer should be willing to let you know more about their services and experience before you decide to go ahead and have them do a reading too. Make sure you actually like the practitioner and believe that he or she has your best interests at heart, and is not just doing readings to make a quick buck!