Tamil Astrology And Naming Of Children

Are you completely stumped when it comes to baby names?  Do you want your child's name to have a special significance? If so, you may want to look at Tamil astrology. This astrology can help you to find a unique sanskrit baby name that's in tune with the personality of your future child.

How You Can Use Tamil Astrology to Name Your Baby

The astrology zodiac signs in Tamil astrology are similar to the ones you're familiar with in western astrology (if you are a westerner reading this) - they just have different names. For example, a Cancer would be a Kadagam, and a Sagittarius would be a Dhanus.  We have similar beliefs about the traits associated with these signs. However, it's also believed that a name can help influence a child's personality. For example, a name may help your child grow up to be more compassionate or artistic. We also believe there are certain best fortune colours associated with names.

Some believe that there's an ideal syllable for your child's name to begin with, and that ideal syllable depends on when your child was born. You'll need to have your future child's charts done to learn the perfect syllable for them and identify your Tamil baby names with meaning.  Every Tamil name has a special significance!

What's great about Tamil baby names is that they're incredibly unique. If you give your child a Tamil name, they'll never share a name with another child in their class! Some Tamil names may be a little too exotic for your tastes, but there's a lot of variety out here. Here are a few Tamil names you may like for your child.

Aaby - This cute girl's name will give your child the good fortune colour of "pearl" It will give them the lucky number of 5. Traits associated with this name include a love of freedom and knowledge.

Marcus - You're probably familiar with this boy's name, but you may not know that it's a Tamil name! Orange, yellow, gold and brown are all colours considered to be good for boys named Marcus. The lucky number is 19. Traits associated with this name are originality, leadership, and courage.

Ilaya - Green, white, and yellow are the good fortune colours for this gorgeous girl's name. Its lucky number is 7. It's believed that girls named Ilaya will be wise, deep and intuitive thinkers.

Delphin - This unusual boy's name has a lucky number of 31. The good fortune colours are blue and grey. People associate characteristics like trustworthiness and self-discipline with this name.

Melina - This lovely and unique girl's name has the lucky number 19. Its good fortune colours include gold, brown, and yellow. It's believed that girls named Melina will be courageous, independent thinkers, and will be the type to take initiative.

Syntia - This unusual form of Cynthia has a lucky number of 15. Its good fortune colours are pink and blue. Many think that girls with this name will be artistic and seek fame, but will also be compassionate and love their families.

Jerwin - This is the rare boy's name that's both unusual and easy to pronounce! Its lucky number is 20, and its good fortune colour is green. Traits associated with the name Jerwin include a love of peace and spirituality.

Rasmila - If you're looking for an unconventional way to get the nickname "Mila", Rasmila may be it! Its lucky number is 15, and its good fortune colour is blue. According to Tamil astrology, this name will help a girl to become compassionate and trustworthy.

Hopefully, this list of names has given you an idea of how Tamil astrology can help you choose a name. There are many beautiful Tamil names, and they all have a special significance. Keep looking at Tamil names, and you're sure to find the perfect astrology based name for your child.