Vrishika (Scorpio) Tamil Analysis 2018

Vrishika Rasi Palan

2018 is destined to be an excellent year for Tamil Vrishika Rasi.  I foresee much laughter, joy, happiness and fun coming his way. If he has felt imprisoned by a relationship or an undesirable work situation in the past, this year will alleviate much negativity. He will feel much lighter and less burdened. His outlook will be upbeat and positive.

Vrishika (Viruchigam) symbologyThis positive energy will spread. There will be good karmas well as internal peace and serenity. Family and friends will offer him a lot of support and this will be very welcome. There will be much to celebrate and to enjoy. Life will be good and the outlook very bright and encouraging. This is not to say that life will be perfect.

If this zodiac sign wants domestic harmony he may have to be more tolerant of his partner in 2018.I do sense that there will be much caring and sharing of domestic burdens. Consequently, relations will be warm and this particular sign is likely to be highly sexual. This is an excellent spell in which to conceive a baby.

Romance In The Stars

For those who are single, your love life may be quite intense and words spoken in haste are likely to be quickly regretted. There will be open affection with the right partner and it is a good time to find a partner for life. I do foresee a soul-mate connection providing Scorpio is not too critical and unforgiving of the opposite sex. He will be extremely attractive to others and there will be many opportunities for relationships.

Career Prospects Overview

In work, this zodiac astrology sign will go far, according to my Rasi analysis. His dreams could materialise this year and even though there may be setbacks at work, this sign will find new ways of coping. Bosses and senior people could go out of their way to help Scorpio and he would be foolish not to listen to elders and those in authority. They have his best interests at heart and potentially he could achieve much in this period.

Networking will be important for Scorpio and there could be pay rises as well as promotions. Even if you think the pay rise isn’t high enough you should still take it since it will lead to more pay rises and more promotions.

Money And Fortune

Tamil Vrishika will need to take care of money this year and avoid over-spending. He may need to be disciplined and restrictive although he may be more inclined to spend money on deserving others than himself.

There could be a large expense in the summer months and Scorpio may need to take extra care. He might benefit from some financial help and advice from a professional person.

Wellbeing In Your Hands

His health is good according to my 2018 Rasi study. If he eats mainly vegetables and a lot of organic foods he will boost his immune system and stay mentally strong.

These people might need to take time out of work to alleviate stress as the year progresses. This is the right course of action and things will improve and continue to improve.

Overview of 2018